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Фор норд

04.02.2020 в 15:20 44 Автор: Kazrami

And another moment, which is not widely discussed, especially not in the West. The Nord Stream 2 shipments will be done via shorter and technologically superior route.

The historic base of our shipments is the Nadym-Pur-Taz region. And through the central corridor from there, through European Russia, through Ukraine, the gas goes to Western Europe. Developing Yamal means switching to new mining megaprojects: Switching from Nadym-Pur-Taz in the North to Yamal shortens the export lines to Europe by almost km with the Earth being round and all.

Our American partners accuse us that switching to Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 from the Ukrainian transit is an attempt to punish Ukraine. But we are primarily looking at the economic benefits for our national interests. We are after our own pragmatic interests, which are protected by international law.

This was solidified by the Energy Charter Treaty in Russia withdrew from it inbut is still a side that signed the ECT. Russia signed it, but applied it provisionally, not ratifying it. The other import is pipeline gas and LNG from other countries aside from Russia.

And that import segment is where the struggle is happening. This determines the strategy of our opponents. They want to stop us from delivering gas to Europe via the short route and force us to use the more expensive and risky transit. And if there will be new problems with Ukraine, then they will blame us as unreliable providers.

This trick is going for a while. Резкое торможение экономики Германии провоцирует кризис в Европе.

Opposition to Nord Stream 2 makes no sense for America or Europe | Financial Times

В прошлом году прогноз роста немецкого ВВП был ухудшен более чем в три раза. Лазерное и гиперзвуковое оружие Путина отпугивает США от агрессии. За несколько дней до этого Путин поставил перед руководителями российского ОПК задачу разработать средства защиты от гиперзвукового оружия раньше, чем этим оружием обзаведутся другие страны. Правительства Литвы, Латвии и Эстонии заключили соглашение о стратегическом сотрудничестве с США в области энергетики.

Марионетки Адольфа Гитлера: Сторонники Латышского добровольческого легиона ваффен СС утверждают, что сражавшиеся на стороне фюрера латыши участвовали в борьбе за независимость Латвии.

Файл:Nord-Trondelag vapen.png

На самом деле легионеры удивительным образом совмещали войну за свободу и присягу Адольфу Гитлеру. Какое отношение Беларусь имеет к Речи Посполитой? Immune Deficiency Foundation Некоммерческая организация. United Network for Organ Sharing Некоммерческая организация. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. CDC Global.

Lucas Nord & Emil Hero — Feelings For You

Страницы, которые нравятся этой Странице. Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation. Недавняя публикация Страницы. National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. You will be a key person of reference for employees and clients as well as external vendors.

The hotel manager must be able to guide the employees to work as a well-functioning team. Therefore, the ideal candidate will be a team player and an effective leader, able to set examples and foster a climate of cooperation. Responsibilities Supervise work at all levels receptionists, maids, office employees etc.

Deal with maintenance issues, shortages in staff or equipment, renovations etc. Inspect facilities regularly and enforce strict compliance with health and safety standards.

How to Apply?

Please send a cover letter and resume to the following email address: You will be the first to meet our customers so the first impression of our hotel depends on your friendliness and efficiency.